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发表在 土耳其 2017-01-05
Turkey-Where Magic Happens
Many people ask me why take a trip to Turkey, I said it's an amazing place Where Magic Happens. It's friendly, beautiful, culturally rich and good value for money. It's modern enough to be comfortable yet traditional enough to be interesting. Turkey is the 6th most popular travel destination in the world, welcoming 42 million visitors per year. Turkey’s history of human habitation goes back more than 25,000 years. The world’s first temple was built in Neolithic times at Gobekli Tepe. Some of the earliest-known human communitiesare here. Hittites, Phrygians, Greeks, Romans, Mongols, Seljuks, Ottomans and others have all left their works of art, architecture and culture in what is now the Turkish homeland. Sit at a long table in Istanbul, order a glass of beer, wine or Turkish Tea and join in the songs and stories and then Where Magic Happens. 1. Maps of Turkey This is Turkey, where east meets west in the magnificant culture, ancient history and ecological diversity. Two Continents, Seven Countries, Three Sides of Water. 2. When to Go & Best Itineraries Spring is the best time to visit Turkey, autumn is next, then summer, last winter. Spring (April, May, through mid-June) is prime because the weather is moderate throughout the country and the days are long. This is high season for Istanbul and Cappadocia, with many boutique hotels fully booked, and prices at their highest. It's off-season for Aegean and Mediterranean beach resorts. Turkey's top destinations for the first-time visitors are Istanbul, Cappadocia, and perhapsKonya, the Ephesus area south of Izmir on the Aegean Coast perhaps including Pamukkale, and the western Miditerranean coast probably Antalya, Fethiye. You can visit the top destinations in as little as 8 days on a tour, or on your own if you get the transport just right. Of course, 9 or 10 days is better, and 2 weeks is comfortable. For me, we make a 14 days schedule, first flying to Istanbul on 29th, July, 2015, and then start our amazing tirp with a clcokwise by renting a small car, all the schedule list as following: 3. Flight & Visa & Fee We take Malysia Airplane almost 2 days. And this is cheaper more than other arilines but also spend long time. Turkey Visa is very easy to get cos it just need electronic visa. Go to the Official Turkey Visa Website and how to do according to the introduction and the Visa Fee is $60. Please prepare a credit card to pay that. Fee: Flight & Visa about $1491 two person Renting A Car about $412 two person Hotel Fee about $417 two person (14 days) Other fee about $960 two person Total : $3280 / 2 PERSON / 14 DAYS (RMB 20664) 4. Unusual Trips Day 1: Safranbolu (番红花城) Sanfranbolu was placed in the World Cultural Heritage list by UNESCO in appreciation of the successful efforts in the preservation of its heritage as a whole. Safranbolu has deserved its real name for its houses. These houses are perfect examples of old civilian architecture, reflecting the Turkish social life of the 18th and 19th centuries. The size and planning of the houses are deeply affected by the large size of the families, in other words a total members of a big family living together in one house. The impressive architecture of their roofs hve led them to be called as " Houses with five facades ". The houses are two or three storied consisting of 6 to 9 rooms, each room is entirely detailed and have ample window space allowing plenty of light. Safranbolu is a small and quiet city like Pingyao, China. You can have a good rest here for you go ahead the following trip. But it's not for the best recommend place you must visit. Day 2: Tuz Lake (图兹湖) Tuz Golu in Turkish, is the second largest lake of Turkey, after Lake Van. This salt is extracted, worked, refined and sold in the local market, thus making this biggest industry for small towns' economy in the area. It's not only the biggest salt lake of Turkey but one of the biggest in the world as well. The lake has no outlet, and only few surface streams feed it but they dry in the summer when the climate is hot. Rainfall in the surrounding area is as low as 10 inches per year. Day 3: Cappadocia (卡帕多奇亚) Hot Air Balloons I count my Cappadocia hot-air ballon flight as one of life's great thrills. Book your flight well in advance to be sure you will have a place in the best balloon and the first flight of the day. On the morning of the flight, the crew picks you up at your hotel before dawn and drives you to the takeoff site for the first flight of the day. After a chilly dawn launch you float silently above the Cappadocian moonscape dotted with villages, vineyards and fruit orchards for about an hour, coming down in a farmer's field. The crew retrieves you and the aircraft, then breaks out the bubbly for a traditional champagne toast to a successful aeronautical adventure. A balloon ascent is not cheap, but it's little enough to pay for a truly unforgettable experience in your ife. Underground Cities The Ungerground Cities of Cappadocia are worthy of a visit. Let's take Derinkuyu for example. The one time home of up to 20,000 people, it's 8 levels descend into the Anatolian. A large market town sized community digging a settlement out to guarantee themselves a degree of protection. Ihlara Valley The Ihlara Valley is very wonderful. Although a little far away from Cappadocian sites but it's worth a full day if you can spare one. The gorge is 16km long and both sides are lined with rock carved churches, about 100 in all. You can spend an afternoon following the river down the valley and exploring on your own. Goreme Open Air Museum This place you mustn't miss. It's a nicely packaged instant version of what the whole area has to offer and it's a good place to start. The open air museum is about 2km far from away Goreme. It's impossible to give details of all the churches and rooms in the valley here as you could easily spend half a day wondering about and looking at them all. Avanos Avanos is set on the banks of the Kizilirmak, the Red River, which gets its name from the clay that it deposits. This clay has provided Avanos with pottery for centuries and the town is still dominated by this industry. The main street has numerous shops and workshops selling plain and decorated pots and plates and you can watch the potters at work using kick wheels, the design of which has remained unchanged for generations. Many of the workshops will encourage you to try by yourself. It's harder than it looks. Urgup The unfortunately named Urgup is probably the busiest of the small towns in the vicinity of Cappadocian sites. Recent development has mushroomed leaving a grim legacy of poorly designed and serviced buildings. The road down into the town however does take you past some pleasant rock carved dwellings, accommodation and restaurants. It's worth wondering around the old town for a taste of what's the place is. I can't use any words to describe the special style of all these stones. It looks like mushroom cos it's typical climate. But it's really a good place for you to visit. Sunset Of Goreme It's worth for you to reach the peak of Goreme and with your friends to appreciate the beautiful view of Sunset. You can think lots of things at that time. Nothing will know what will happen in the future. Cave Hotels A trip to Cappadocia, gives you the chance for a unique lodging experience: staying in a cave. The soft volcanic rock has been hollowed out for homes at least two millennia. Recently, many hotel ownners have restored crumbling stone and cave houses, equipped the rooms with comforts such as electricity, modern bathrooms, telephones and even fast Internet connections, and opened them as traditional Cappadocian Inns. Day 4: Konya (孔亚) - Side (西代) Konya is a city in Central Anatolia in Turkey which has protected its name for centuries. Legend says that Perseus killed a dragon that had been ravaging the town. The people set up a special monument to honor him, a stone obelisk with an icon of Perseus carved in it. This event gave the city it's name. Side is a very important city in the Mediterranean for several centuries. It was surrounded on all four sides by high walls to protect the city from both land and sea. The main gate of the city was built during the Hellenistic period to the east and it was protected by two towers. There were two main streets in the city, with columned porticos and shops behind them. Side has great temples from the Roman period. Especially two of them are located by the sea near the harbor. One was dedicated to Athena and other one to Apollo. They were entirely built of marble. Today, Side is a major tourist resort with its sandy beaches and great hotels. It offers history, sea and sun vacation, and many water sports activities. Nearby Aspendos Theater and Perge Site, ManavagatRiver and the city of Antalya are easily reached if you are based in Side. Day 5: Side (西代) - Antalya (安塔利亚) Aspendos Theatre Aspendos is located to the east of Antalya and is famous for its best-preserved ancient amphitheater built in the 2nd century AD during the reign of the Emperor Marcus Aurelius. The theater has a capactiy of 15,000 people and is still used for performances and festivals. Its galleries, stage decorations etc. all testify to its architect Xeno's success. Next to the stage there is a small room which is used as a small museum where you can see some of the masks and clay tickets from the ancient times. Antalya Museum The excellent Antalya Museum, 3km west of Kalekapisi, is a must-see for anyone interested in the rich archeological history of Turkey's Mediterranean coast. The modern province of Antalya includes dozens and dozens of important ancient Hellenic, Hellenistic and Roman cities and towns, and other prime archeological sites, and the best artifacts from most of them have been brought here to form the museum's outstanding collection. The museums treasure of artifacts ranges from the Old Stone Age through the Chalcolithic, Classical, Seljuk Turkish and Ottoman, in short, the full length of Anatolia's incredibly long history. The exhibits are formal and fine: well displayed in a formal way and well lit. Pottery is a particular strength for pre-classic times. The Roman period is especially rich in Statuary and Sarcophagi, of which the museum has world-class collections. If you love Roman sculpture, you must spend time at the museum. The Ottoman collection includes many items, weapons, apparel and even a life-sized diorama of nomadic family, with their dark tent, carpet loom and familiar implements. Antalya Town Antalya, Turkey's principle holiday resort in the Mediterranean region, is an attractive city with shady palm-lined boulevards, a prize-winning marina on the Mediterranean. In the picturesque old quater, Kaleici, narrow winding streets and ole wooden houses all decorated by the ancient city walls. Lately, many foreigners have bought property in and around Antalya for their holidays or for the retirement. During the winter months its population is around 2 million, but in the summer it doubles. Day 6 : D400 High Road- Kapatus Beach If you rent a car, you would drive D400 High Road, appreciating the fantastic view out of window, feeling sea wind while listening soft music, wow, it would be amazing. There are several beaches where you can stop to play as you like. For me, I am highly recommending Kapatus Beach. The spray is so fast and focus to be on your body makes you feel cool and fantastic. You can't help shouting " Wow, I love the sea...I don't wanna leave..." Day 7: Fethiye Fethiye is one of the most popular resorts along the Turkish coast. It sets on a wide bay, full with many islands. Fethiye is 135 kilometers southwest of Marmaris in Mugla province, and has an outstanding and busy marina. The ancient name of the city is Fethiye where you can see a fortress on the hill overlooking the city. Fethiye is known for its rock tombs carved into the faces of the cliffs. These are elaborately carved and are remarkable. The Beach and the Sovalye island are perfect destinations for those who like to enjoy the most beautiful sea. Belcegiz Bay is also good for such a visit and provides natural mountain scenery. The bay forms the dreamlike Belcegiz known as " a paradise that God granted to Earth", a very fine place with 3km of natural beach and crystal blue waters in enchanting surroundings. Day 8 : Pamukkale Located 20 kilometers from the town of Denizli in the Aegean region of Turkey, Pamukkale is one of the most interesting places in the world, just not famous for the entrancing beauty of its unique geological formations but also for its historical remains. The calcium oxide-rich waters flowing down the southern slope of Caldag located north of the ruins have, over the millennia, built up deposits of white travertine on the plateau thus fully justifying both the site's ancient name if Holy City and its modern one of Pamukkale (Cotton Castle). Day 9: Selcuk-Ephesus The ruins of Ephesus, situated near Selcuk town at 70 kilometers south of Izmir, is a main center of archageological interest owing to the ancient remains that still exist. When you enter through the south gate, you can see the State Agora. The Temple of Isis is situated at the center of the Agora, andStoa is placed on the North side of it. The Odeion with a capacity of 1,400 persons is placed behind it and the Town Hall where sacred fire used to burn, is on its flank. At the corner formed by the Curetes street and the Marble Roas, the House of Love is placed and the Library of Celsus, restored and reestablished in recent years, stands right in front of this. The library which had been built in the name of Gaius Celsus completed in the year 135 A.D. by his son, is entered by way of a stairway. One of the magnificent buildings of Ephesus is the Great Theater, largest in Asia Minor, which had a capacity of more than 24,000 people and is in a rather well preserved condition. All the streets of Ephesus were illuminated at night with oil lamos, this shows us the richness of the city. The Port Avenue extends in front of the theater. The avenue is 11meters wide and 600 meters long, and it has been called Arcadian Street because it was renewed during the time of Arcadius. The Temple of Artemis is one of the place to visit Ephesus besides the Church of St. John. The Temple, which had been built at first during the Archaic period, was one of the Seven Wonders of the ancient world later during the Hellenistic period. On Nightingale Mountain there is the House of the Virgin where it's believed that she passed last years of her life and passed away. She came to Ephesus together with St. John and taken up toPanaghia Kapulu mountain to survive the Roman persecutions. On the 15th August, 2000 there was a great ceremony for the Assumption of the Virgin, the year which marked the two thousand years of the birth of Jesus. The Memory of the Seven Youths of Ephesus is celebrated a second time on the 22nd of October. Today, the Cave of Seven Sleepers is on one of the sideways going to Ephesus. Sunset of Selcuk Day 10 : Cesme-Izmir The Cesme, lapped by the water of the Aegean Sea, lies west of Izmir, in Turkey's Aegean region. "Cesme" means "foundatain" in Turkish, derives from the many sources of water found in the area. It's one of Turkey's most beautiful stretches, surrounded by clear blue seas, with landscapes of cultivated fields of aniseed, sesame and artichokes dotted with fig and gum trees. In the unspoilt bays you can swim in absolute peace. Visitors will find excellent holiday accommodations, restaurants and sports and entertainment facilities. Day 11 : Izmir- Istanbul Izmir's history goes back to 3000 B.C. according to the results of historical knowledge and archaeological excavations. Today, Izmir is the third largest city of Turkey with o population of over 4 million. It's a modern city and one of the main hubs for exporting various agricultural and industrial products from its port. There are several interesting small towns and holiday resorts around Izmir such as Foca, Cesme, Selcuk and so on. Day 12 / 13 /14 : Istanbul The Blue Mosque Haghia Sophia Grand Bazaar Underground Water City Strait of Bosporus 5. Turkish Cuisine / Funny Matters Turkish Breakfast / Lunch / Dinner Turkish Wrap Turkish Icecream Crock Beef Turkish Corn Turkish Coffee Turkish coffee is served hot from a special coffee pot called " cezve ". First, Tradition states that after the guest has consumed the coffee and the cup is turned upside down on the saucer and allowed to be cool, Second, the hostess then performs a fortune reading from the coffee grounds' remaining in the cup. Third, Rich in tradition and flavor, Turkish coffee remains a favorite today. As the Turks say " To drink one cup of coffee together guarantees 40 years of friendship ". Turkish Tea Turkish Van Cats The Turkish Van Cats is known as a very social cat. They are renowned for their beauty, but also for their habit of swimming. Turkish Vans seem to have more feelings than most cats, they can be happy, sour, moody, caring etc. If you play with them and give them attention they thanks you for that by climbing on your shoulders and by giving you hugs. Turkish Arts LIFE IN TURKEY 6. Unforgetable Person We Meet On The Way First Part In Izmir, Unfortunately, Our car's glass was broken when we just leave maybe 5 mintues to take a picture, and all our bag were stolen by robbery. Everything included money, bank card, ID card, the most serious is that passport also in bag were lost. The local people help us to call the police office and they are coming back almost half an hour. Ask some details, take a picture and then go to the police office to record what we see at that moment. The police are so nice to help us clean the glass and comfort us dont worry that they will try their best. Thanks for their help and patience. Turkey, I love this country as well as I hate this country at that time. We really appreciated for their help whose one name is Iskender, and the other one is Mehmet. They accompany us to the Chinese Embassy arrived in early morning from their busy work. They firstly know some situations about the accidents and took us to the Chinese Embassy directly. The Embassy tell them that we need to offer the Policy from Izmir Police Office. Oh, I am crazy that did we need to go back to Izmir and then took that? Of course, they solved this problem by making a call to Izmir Police Office and ask sending the file by fax. Luckily, we got a temporary passport very fast. Without their help, we can't imagine how should we go back to China? At the same time, I am very moved bySemsettin's help because he helped me a lot but we just meet and talk one time in his father's shop in Cappodocia. Thanks all these nice guys. Second Part The guy we met in Selcuk named Gliu, a medicial student from Istanbul University, his older brother opened this carpet shop, he's so nice to introduce some knowledge about Turkish carpet, and then explained carpet's symbol meaning, history, how they were made, cultural influence and how it's now. The most important is that he teaches us how to judge what kind of carpet whether good or not. When we came back from Ephesus, he invites us to eat Turkish Icecream and also Apple Tea, we talk a lot and his smile makes us unforgettable. We are always with you On The Way. Third Part The guy we met in Antalya named Eru, he is one of the owner of Lazer Pension Hotel which I highly recommended. When we tiredly enter the gate his hotel, he smiled and greeted us so friendly. And then he explained and showed us the Map Drawn by Himself. Wow, so dedicated. Later he took us to his privite swimming pool, it's small but very nice as you can swim anytime. And we drink a lot and talk more happily that night, we are unforgettable by his humours of Chinese Guests' Breakfast. Eat too much makes him in a huge mass. We all miss him so much. Fourth Part This is a happy family we met on the way to Kas who planted all vegetables by themselves. There is a huge garden which has so many fresh fruits and vegetables. They cock all food by themselves although spending long time and made us so hungry for waiting a long time. But it's worth for that. We talk too much and want to buy some fruits but they don't sell while they would like to give some for gifts. How nice they are. That lunch is the most decilious when I came to Turkey for serval days. Decilious! Fifth Part Thanks for these enthusiastic guys we met in Cappodocia. That's a fantastic and wonderful night we stayed and played there. But later, I heard the unfortunate news that this restaurant was burned by big fire. I feel so surprised about that because they are all my good friends. Best wishes for them. Sixth Part Thanks the Yang Family treated us so enthusiastically and friendly the last day we were in Istanbul. They shared their story from HongKong to Turkey step by step and occured many troubles during the period. They also explain us a comprehensive knowledge of Turkey from political, geograpgy, culture, economic etc. Perhaps it's the summary for this amazing trip where magic happens. Thanks my good friend Sandy, Joyce, because of you, I can witness magic how to happen and always be with you On The Way. Ending Traveling is kind of being in love. Except instead of being intimate with another person, you become intimate with a place. Those moments of pleasure when the sun hits your face and you look out onto a foreign countryside, or arrive a new train depot in a bustle of taxi and hawkers, those are the moments you, or at least I, remember, and live for, again and again. Turkey, See you again! Sally In Turkey
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